When I was growing up my Papa called me his princess. My husband and son treat me like one to this day. Yet, for the longest time I was a pauper to the clutter in my every day life in my home and my finances. Then one day I decided it was time to stop living like a pauper and to be the princess everyone thought of me as. This is the journey I took to de-clutter all aspects of my life and become a true PRINCESS!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Welcome your highness.  I am Princess Jan, or at least I will be after I complete this next year.  No I am not of royal birth, nor did I marry into royalty, although I am married to a true prince of men.  I have a plan that will take me from the throes of being a mere slave or indentured servant to my home ,my debt, and yes even a few relationships I’d truly be better off without—but that is for another time.  They are no one of importance and I’ve merely let them be a bother to me far too long.  It is time to move past their emotional vampire ways and move on to being the Princess my PaPa always called me.

In all seriousness we are all paupers in one way or another in our lives, perhaps it’s debt, perhaps it’s a cluttered house, perhaps it’s merely a lack of organization or education.  Whatever it is, we are all paupers one way or another.  Only I’m tired of being one.

My big sticking points are clutter and debt, well and those lingering relationships, but enough on that part.  Clutter and debt are two things I KNOW how to deal with, but simply haven’t, or at least not totally dealt with.

While the health department isn’t going to shut me down, the house is far messier than I’d like anyone to see it and Lordy don’t open a closet!  The debt…well that is one I cover heavily in my "Mind Your Pennies" but how to deal with it is also a major part of the Princess Plan.

I actually developed the Princess Plan several years ago and then life happened, as it often does, and I drifted away from it.  I’m tired of drifting.  I’m tired of waiting for my  knight to ride in on his magnificent horse and save me from the clutter of the house—Heck I’d even take Mr. Clean’s white tornado, but since neither has showed up it’s time for me to earn my crown.

So I decided the best incentive is to air my “dirty linen” so to speak and blog about how to get from clutter to totally clutter free in a year.  A YEAR?  Woman are you nuts?  I can hear you all saying that right off the bat.

Yes a year, because I am talking total declutter, scorched earth, no holds barred, everything but the walls and essentials MUST go.  Only I don’t want to just order in a dumpster and a back hole to do it.—Although that is a thought.

A lot of what we have has worth to others.  If it has worth, then it can help free me from being a pauper to debt as well.  Or it can be a charitable donation and help others.  So it all must be sorted properly, discarded in one way or another or put up completely organized.

This will take a long time.  After all I have a 3,300 square foot home, a large basement, a huge garage, 7 out buildings, a cargo trailer and a fifth wheel all to declutter, and we won’t even discuss what all needs to go on the 90 acres that holds all this. 

What is sad is when we moved in here in 1997 we only had the house, basement, garage and barn and all of them were nearly empty.  I had empty closets, drawers and cabinets!  We have simply accumulated…don’t get me wrong, we are not hoarders.  I rotate stuff out of this house on a regular basis, lots of stuff.  I have a real need to be clutter free.

However, I do understand how easy it would become a hoarder and I actually know a couple.  I strive to not be one.

So that brings us to this blog.  “The Patterson Princess Plan”.  I am starting this challenge to myself on June 1, 2012 and I ask you to come along for the bumpy ride.  I’ll start out posting a basic concept of how the PP works, in case you haven’t already read it on my other blog “See the USAthe Mystery Shopping way” or been on a list where I have discussed it previously.

I’ll post the goals as they come up, how I did on them, ask for advice, invite you to join me in decluttering your own home, give helpful cleaning tips, as well as recipes for things like cleaning products, potpourris, suggested reading and websites and much more.

Please join me on my ride to find my own crown and yours. 

Jan who has promised herself she would do this for way too long in OK

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