When I was growing up my Papa called me his princess. My husband and son treat me like one to this day. Yet, for the longest time I was a pauper to the clutter in my every day life in my home and my finances. Then one day I decided it was time to stop living like a pauper and to be the princess everyone thought of me as. This is the journey I took to de-clutter all aspects of my life and become a true PRINCESS!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


On day two of the challenge I decided to organize my punches and stamps that I use in the card and scrapbook page making.   

Again I don’t have a large amount of these, but enough they needed to be organized.  Truth be known, I wasn’t sure how many or what ones I had.  It had been so long since I used them and they were scattered about in various bins, boxes, drawers, etc.  I needed them easy to access and visual.

This is not a new idea, but it is a very good one I borrowed from someone, who borrowed from someone, who borrowed from someone.  You get the idea, it’s been around a long time.

If you have one on hand you can repurpose it.  I didn’t so I invested $5.50 in the purchase of a clear 24 pair over the door shoe bag from Wal-Mart.  I had originally planned to hang it on the inside of the closet door, but my husband (once again the brilliant one) suggested it would be better on the outside of the door where I could see it at a glance.  

I started out by gathering first all my punches and dividing them by category.  Trees/leaves, Disney, Celebrations, Flora, Fauna, you get the idea.  This is when I realized I had far more pockets than I needed for just punches and since I probably wouldn’t buy any more because I have an electronic die cutting machine with Sure Cuts a Lot, and my Cuttlebug there would be no real need to purchase more punches.

So I gathered all my wood mounted and foam stamps and sorted them into the same categories.  I have other plans for unmounted stamps, probably the only stamps I’ll purchase in the future. 

Small stamps were grouped together in zippered plastic bags to make them easier to retrieve from the pockets in the future. 

Because I’m of short stature I put the lesser used stamps and punches in the upper pockets and worked my way down. Seasons, down to corner punches and circle decorative punches. 

As it worked out I had exactly the correct number of pockets for what I needed!  If I had needed more I could have placed another shoebag on the inside of the closet.  But since I don’t plan on purchasing any more of these type products I have other plans for the inside of that door.

Day two challenge completed quickly and easily and as you can see by the photo to the side a very organized, visual system that is easy to use.

Jan who is starting to like the way this is coming together in OK

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